Cufflinks Fit For a King

A little bit belated, but better posted late than not at all!

These are the the cufflinks from the Heraldry Collection, fit for a king or anyone who wants to look like one.

Its good to be the king!

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I’ve been having a lot of fun recently. What began as a bit of mucking around has become a serious attempt at making some really – in my opinion – cool pendants.

Here they are, unisex, pendulous, perhaps a little crystalline; made of sterling silver, they sport coloured silk cord.

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Market @ Markit

This year leading up to christmas I’ve joined up with my studio-mate and we’re sharing a stall as well as some jewellery that we’ve collaborated on. I’ve also got some brand new jewellery that I’ve recently created that’s super geometric and super cool, come check it out!

Sunday 27 November 2011, 10am–5pm The Atrium & BMW Edge Theatre, Federation Square Melbourne
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Signet Rings

These are some of the coolest rings that I’ve ever seen, and I just happened to make them. They have that medieval feel that’s soooo hot right now. No, I only joking I have no idea what’s hot right now.

Anyhow, these are from the men’s jewellery series that I made for Lord Coconut and will see in other stores soon.

You may have seen the Lion Ring in a previous post, well he now has a crown, as he deserves. I knew there was something missing, what’s the king of the jungle without a crown.

While designed for men in general, I think they’ll also excite the ladies, so email me your ring sizes and I can make them for you.

They’re all oxidised sterling silver.

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Lord Coconut

I am now stocked at the most wonderful Lord Coconut. As his name suggests he’s a Lord and is absolutely nuts! Only joking he’s only a little eccentric and houses a fantastic colection of mens jewellery.

I designed a range of men’s jewellery for the store that I had in mind for a while. It started with the Lion pendants that you can see a few posts ago, here and here, and has expanded to include a few more rings and some cufflinks.

The store is located at lvl 4 Carlow House on Flinders Lane, just down from Degraves. So if you’re looking for something a little out of the ordinary, a little bit awesome, come check it out.

Here are a few of my pieces you can find there

Oxidised sterling silver and gold leaf

Oxidied sterling silver with gold plate

Sterling silver with rhodium plate

m: 0450 015 263

Suite 3, Level 4
Carlow House
289 Flinders Lane
Melbourne 3000

Tues to Fri: 11am-6pm
Sat: 11am-3pm
Sun & Mon: by appointment

Its good to be the king!

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Boom Gallery

I have some work in a new gallery, Boom Gallery in Geelong.

Come down this friday the 26th of August for the grand opening, or check out some other time, it’s not going anywhere.

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More Bling For Your Buck

Here are some more pics of these glittery things, including gold plated ones!

gold plated sterling silver

gold plated sterling silver

sterling silver

oxidisd sterling silver

gold plated sterling silver

sterling silver

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